Internal Threat

The most damaging threat to our country that has made the world sit up and take notice and which hitherto has never been heard of is the attack on Indian parliament.Everyone could see the threat from across the border and what proportion  it might scale in the years to come.

There are hideouts aplenty in this city either to run south or north or cross over to pakistan nepal or bangladesh when the security is slack.

This is what the terrorists have done.There is a network within the city that supports the aggressors right from the time they set their feet on this ground.They are well looked after and supported to carry their task at hand , all with the connivance of the local groups who provide the cover for escape in the event of a successful terrorist operation or if it is aborted they form the rescue team to transport the terrorists.

They seem to out think our security agencies and are on par with the latest in communication and surveillance, reconnaissance and what not.They have continuous support from across the border.Delhi is vulnerable and susceptible to future attacks.

It has pockets of religious fundamentalists who were constantly on the job in destabilizing the city and about to strike at the first opportunity.

After the attack the authorities have a fair idea of the operations and must have secured all the related information.

But for the residents of Delhi there is a constant fear that anytime anywhere they might come under the imposing threat of terrorism and are clueless to tackle on their own, This is a state responsibility and best left to them to grapple with similar situations.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with


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