The Coach

Violence against women in the athletics group is being heard of though it has been there before too.They have their urges and in that state of mind it is well nigh impossible to represent a state or a country or even a club because it is contrary to the purpose of sport.

There is no sport in assault.

This was the national meet and the coach and manager made the arrangements meticulously for the events.But he was totally unaware of the mental health of one the male student of the group  and his unhealthy attitude of the student from the university.

He has beaten all in this aspect and proved his mettle to participate in the games.he was selected because of his competence.

Once they reached the venue  for the event of a  National participation  athletes are in high spirits and also gain the freedom  from all cares to concentrate on the job at hand.

In the most unconscious and unsuspecting moments one exposes his real self.

The boy had won through the initial rounds but could not make a mark in the semi final stage and was out of contention.

There were 100 boys and girls from the group.

Unfortunately there is no mechanism in place to prevent off-field behavior and no information and research  in this field but coaches go by their intuition and stick to the guidelines.

This boy took advantage of the off duty time and rest to extend the bonhomie by taking for grantetd his fellow athlete and initiate his assault on her by cornering her.

A few other male athletes got wind of it and a few knew the dark side of this boy but were afraid to go beyond their brief of just participating in the event.

The coach was also a father of 5  children 2 boys and 3 girls.He did not report to anybody.He shook him off his delvilish nature in front of all the group without a care for anybody or any authority.There was nobody required for him He was in total control of the situation.He was primarily a rescuer for her and of great solace to have immediately taken control of the situation before it goes out of hand and grateful to him for having preserved her sanctity.

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