Motorokr AD (2007)

I just saw this Ad of Motorokr which was launched in 2007 happened to see while browsing on youtube!!!  I dont know why there are so stupid Ad’s made also!!!
The ad shows many scenes (whilst shooting) in which AB Jr. finds himself shaking his head and ‘singing’ his dialogues. Sample this:
Scene 1: When the maa prays for his son to return, a fatigued AB walks in and starts rapping, “Dekho maa main aa gaya; maa, maa, maaa….”
Scene 2: The King calls for a battle (jung) and AB sings, ” Jung , jung, jung…”
Scene 3: A very worried wife confesses that the child she’s bearing is actually his friend’s. And he goes, “nahi, nahi…yeh nahi ho sakta.”
Scene 4: A cop is beating him up and compelling him to confess to his stash of diamonds…and our man starts shaking a leg again !!!Cuuuuuttt!!! AB, take a break…
And then the ad reveals why AB can’t stop shaking his head….the NEW MOTOROKR !!

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